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The Power of Perspective

Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP is a minority-owned business and a certified minority business enterprise (MBE). Our diversity allows us to assess legal problems from a variety of perspectives. That power of perspective helps us implement strategies to solve our clients’ legal problems—whether those strategies call for tactical negotiation or aggressive litigation. Read more….

Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP is a law firm that handles business litigation. Our goal is to provide responsive, cost-efficient, and results-oriented legal counsel for business problems. Our corporate and individual clients rely on us to handle contract disputes, employment disputes, insurance-related claims, product liability claims, non-compete, confidentiality, and trade secret disputes, arbitrations, and partner, shareholder, and officer and director disputes. We strive to give each matter our creative best, attempt to approach each client’s problems as if they were our own, and are very aware of the costs of litigation and therefore keep efficiency and practical solutions at the top of our priority list.

Practice Areas

Commercial/Business Litigation

We have prosecuted and defended a whole range of business disputes, from complex cases over elaborate contracts spanning hundreds of pages to claims over deals with no written contract at all, from disputes among sophisticated businesses to claims between individuals and businesses. Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP also has litigated cases on behalf of consumers and companies where the claims involve fraudulent, deceptive, or bad-faith practices. Read more….


Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP has the depth of experience to address virtually any employment issue that may arise in the workplace. We routinely handle employment disputes before administrative agencies like the EEOC, in state court, in federal court, or in arbitration. Having litigated employment disputes all the way through a trial or final arbitration hearing, we have the ability to assess a potential claim and implement a plan of action to achieve the desired results, whether that result comes from settlement or trial. Read more…


Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP’s attorneys have been retained by individuals and companies to represent them in those cases in which an insurance policy may provide the cost of defense. The firm has handled and may handle a wide range of matters. Read more….
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